Adjusteck can offer a suite of Drone and UAV services to clients. For damage assessments and pre-risk or periodic surveys we can facilitate the operational aspects and post-production of data captured in the field. A web-based application and custom-built user interface is available for delivery of all data types.

These technologies enable us to capture video and imaging data that can be processed in-house through resources in the UK or US, in relatively short time frames, ready to be delivered to clients locally or on the other side of the world, within hours of capture. Depending on the hardware and capture technique, 360-degree imaging can be processed in camera and can be delivered within minutes of capture.

We can produce a number of outputs depending on the specific requirements and scope of work.

Output options include Orthomosiacs, Digital Surface models (DSM), Digital Elevation Models (DEM) and Point Clouds.

There are several different capture techniques that can be used depending on the budget, time scale and accuracy required including:

  • Aerial Photography & Video including 360 Images
  • Aerial Mapping (GPS) & Real-Time Kinematic (RTK)
  • Ground Based Photography (40MP +) including 360 images
  • Ground Based Video

For more information, contact us or visit Lowers Drone Solutions.