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Managing Director, Senior Executive General Adjuster

David has handled technical and complex losses including property, CAR, machinery breakdown, natural resources and associated BI/time element, globally for the last 40 years. In addition, he manages liability claims specializing in product liability.

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Mobile: +44 (0) 7974 766935

Peter Spiers, ACII, MILA, AAARB

Senior Executive General Adjuster and Natural Resources Lead​

Peter Spiers has over 40 years’ experience in loss adjusting, handling technical and complex property losses globally, on a home/foreign regional placement basis, across class to include mining operations and processing, construction, power generation and industrial/commercial type losses. Peter has also adjusted specie claims at precious metal refineries and diamond sorting houses and cutting works.

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Mobile: +44 (0) 7803 007579

Andrew Brown

Senior Executive General Adjuster

Andrew has over 30 years of loss adjusting experience and has lived throughout Latin America and the Middle East (Brazil, Colombia, Venezuela, Mexico, Panama and UAE) since 1995 following his initial loss adjusting training in the UK. Operating out of southern Europe, Andrew provides contracted loss adjusting capabilities and assistance to Adjusteck’s global operations.

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Mobile: +351 925757230
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Brian Fell

EVP, US Operations, Senior Executive General Adjuster

Through managing claims for insurance carriers, Brian Fell has handled claims involving a wide variety of risks relating to commercial, industrial, manufacturing and healthcare risks. He has handled many catastrophe related losses associated with hurricanes, floods, winter storms, wild-fires and civil unrest, both domestically and internationally, as an Executive General Adjuster.

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Mobile: +1 (732) 803-9729

Bill Mullen

Senior Executive General Adjuster

While managing claims for insurance carriers, William Mullen handled all Highly Protective Risk (HPR) losses as well as Industrial & Manufacturing risk losses. He also handled and managed both domestic and international property accounts as an Executive General Adjuster for one of the top USA based multinational loss adjusting firms. Bill has been involved in numerous Catastrophe losses starting in 1983 Hurricane Alicia through to Hurricane Maria in 2018 and is also currently serving as a referee & 3rd umpire on many appraisals in the United States.

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Mobile: +1 (774) 826-7041

Tom Dolan

General Adjuster, East Coast​

Tom has 6 years of experience in research and investigative work, with 3 years experience as a Senior Research Analyst, prior to being promoted to his current role as General Adjuster. He has extensive experience in risk management and claims handling.

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Office: +1 (540) 545-0043