Our team consists of the following personnel:

  • LaDawn Presgraves, Manager of TPA Services and Audit
  • Scott Thornton, Claims Examiner
  • Tom J. Dolan, Claims Examiner
  • Dalton Scriever, Claims Technical Assistant
  • Maria Strubbe, Recovery Specialist

Reduce the Claims Lifecycle and Control Costs

Adjusteck provides delegated claims management and third-party administration to clients through its various branches internationally and in the United States.

Our clients are both insurers and reinsurers, including Lloyd’s of London companies, where the business is written through MGAs or coverholders, and other retail agents.

We have handled various property, casualty & transportation programs, including Auto Physical Damage (APD), auto liability and Motor Truck Cargo (MTC).

Leveraging technology and innovation, we have implemented multifunctional claims management systems, and can offer the following services:

  • FNOL management with a proprietary RFI system and process in place for rapid intake and claims triage
  • Advanced user management to coordinate engagement with independent adjusters and other experts
  • Customized reporting and KPI tracking Improved claim settlement practices and greater control of loss funds through industry partners
  • Client portal access with real-time visibility of claims information, claim notification capabilities, and a document upload facility
  • With a strong focus on process efficiency to deliver fair and fast claims decisions -- reducing the claims lifecycle and enabling effective costs controls -- we pride ourselves on providing a better overall experience for the customer.